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If you are short on time or simply need a helping hand, Palm Truck Permits can process your authority application, as well as other compliance permits to keep your authority active.  Our industry experience and dedication to customer service set us apart from other permit service agencies.  If you already started your authority application, but need help mid-process we can assist you!



You receive a detailed overview of items or actions that are pending to be in compliance. You may start your own investigation by contacting the FMCSA directly or you can let the permit specialists take care of this for you as efficiently as possible.



Depending on which State your company is based from, there will be specific permits that you need to maintain active in order to stay in compliance with the FMCSA and your State. Prices depend on Fleet size, State and renewals.  Service fee starts at $35 for each permit.



We offer a flat fee package for a single authority that include basic permits for your company (regardless of fleet size or base State) such as USDOT Number, BOC-3, MCS-90 and IFTA (depending on which permits you obtained on your own to begin your new trucking authority activation process).


When a brand new application is processed by the FMCSA, the approximate time to go through all the steps is between 20 - 30 days.  The time varies depending on how fast the FMCSA processes your application and if FMCSA receives your permits and insurance on a timely manner. Authority Grant Letter must be received by mail before company operations may begin.

It is extremely important to provide true and correct information to the FMCSA to avoid application denials or delays.  When an application is filled out incorrectly or answers left incomplete it may cause denial of application.  Once an application is denied, the applicant must file a new application and pay the appropriate fees again.  FMCSA does not reimburse fees if application is denied or if applicant decides to cancel their authority application request.

Processing time for new authority

A brand new Trucking Authority takes about 20 to 30 days to be fully Authorized & Active. On Day 1 of the application process, the FMCSA receives your application and you are assigned a USDOT number.  You are also assigned an MC / FF number and viewable within 3 days.  Between Day 2 - 18 the FMCSA processes your application as they begin to receive the appropriate and relevant permits.  During this time a mandatory 10 day protest period begins.  After Day 19 and approximately before Day 20, you must finish processing any required State permits.  You will also receive two letters by mail from the FMCSA.  One letter is to confirm your application is in progress, and the second letter is the Authority Grant Letter confirming your Authority has been activated.

reactivate trucking authority

There are several forms and applications that need to be processed by the FMCSA in order to determine if you are granted an Authority Reactivation.  It is very important to have your insurance and other mandatory permits for reactivation ready before the application process starts, because any permits received AFTER the process deadline will result in the denial of your application and all paid fees are non-refundable.  For this reason Palm Truck Permits performs a thorough research of your current authority status regardless of how long it has been deactivated for.

Just the same as a new Authority, the time varies depending on how fast the FMCSA processes your application and if FMCSA receives your permits and insurance on a timely manner.  The Authority Grant Letter must be received by mail before company operations may begin.

Processing time for authority reactivation

Between Day 1 through 3 you will complete your consultation with Palm Truck Permits so that we may begin our research of your current authority status with FMCSA and your base State (if applicable). We will contact you to review our findings to discuss what permits and applications are needed to begin or continue your reactivation process.  During Day 4 - 10 the FMCSA will receive the appropriate permits and process your application.  There is a possibility that the FMCSA will approve or deny your application during this period of time, though it is not common.  Usually a decision will be made between Day 11 - 15 and you will receive the Authority Grand Letter by mail from the FMCSA.  During this time you must process any State required permits and finalize any State plates or additional permits according to your State regulations.


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