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Palm Truck Permits has over 12 years experience in processing and reactivating trucking & brokerage authorities.  We have a dedicated team that continues to stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations to help guide you every step of the way.  As the FMCSA updates and changes the way they process and receive applications or documents, we make it a priority to know exactly how to complete everything accurately and as fast as possible.


Oversize and Overweight permits are required when a vehicle or load exceeds the legal sizes and weights in each State that it travels in.  We stay up to date with each State's rules & regulations when it comes to permits.  Palm Truck Permits is flexible in receiving your information to process your permits.  You can send a text message, make a phone call, send an email or fill out our online request form.  As long as the States' permit office is open --- so are we!


Palm Truck Permits believes that everyone should have the most valuable resources of the trucking industry.  Our trusted database will take the hassle out of obtaining your oversize and overweight truck permits.  If you have a dedicated staff that processes permits for you or if you offer permit services to other companies then you will love our Permit Database.  Palm Truck Permit's Database will give you access to all the current websites, phone numbers and State procedures.  Upgrade to a private account to store your company, truck and trailer information all in one place to help you process permits faster.


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